Drip Cup - Gourmet Pour-Over

About Drip Cup®: 

Coffee Blenders® is the pioneer in functional coffee. We source gourmet quality 100% Arabica coffee from Central and South America. Drip Cup is just that, organic coffee with no flavorings or additives. Our handcrafted pour-over coffee allows this experience anywhere you go, all you need is hot water! 4 varieties of Drip Cup are offered including Nude Cup, Think Cup, Lean Cup, and Relax Cup.

Directions for Use:

First, open outer pouch:
1) Tear open brew pouch along dotted line
2) Place pouch on your cup
3) Pour 1-2oz of hot water (we recommend around 200 degrees Fahrenheit)
- Allow coffee to "bloom" for 20 seconds
- Add 4-6oz of additional Hot Water (based on your strength preferences)

Enjoy Drip Cup: At Home, Office, Camping, or on Your Next Adventure!