RELAX Cup - Dark Roast Coffee + STRESS RELIEF

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Tasting Notes:
A rich and aromatic blend offers an intense, yet delicate flavor. Exhibits floral notes of Jasmine and toasted bread with a lingering finish of honey.

Hello Flavor. Goodbye Stress!

RELAX Cup™ - Dark Roast + STRESS RELIEF 10Ct

The Blend:

Coffee Blenders® sources gourmet quality, 100% Arabica coffee. Hand-harvested from the mountains of Central and South America, we artfully blend our coffee in locally-roasted, small-batches ensuring consistency in each cup.

The Benefit:

L-TeaActive® - Natural L-Theanine, a non-protein amino acid naturally found in green tea leaves. L-Theanine can help reduce stress and anxiety while increasing mental acuity and concentration. L-TeaActive®, a natural form L-Theanine, will also help you relax without drowsiness or negative side effects.*

RELAX Cup™, gives you coffee without the caffeine crash and relaxation within one hour.

Unwind and enjoy!