Matcha Single Serve Cups

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High In Antioxidants Increases Natural Energy & Mental Focus

Our Mission

NuZee is a word play on New Zealand and encompasses all that we strive to do with our products: Provide a pure, benefit driven product to our customers. NuZee Matcha is built around this philosophy, delivering a premium green tea in the highest quality format: matcha. The health benefits from drinking matcha have been well known since Zen monks began drinking the beverage millennia ago, and studies are now demonstrating the astounding benefits.

The Blend

NuZee Matcha uses tea from the Aichi-Prefecture of Japan which has historically been cultivated since the 1200's. Unlike brewed green tea, matcha is tea in the powder form, containing the majority of the whole green tea leaf. By consuming tea in this format, the full power of the green tea leaf is extracted! Matcha is also known for its impressive health benefits including high doses of antioxidants.

The Tasting Note

Silky palette with earthy undertones provides for an enjoyable experience. Perfect for that morning prep, or mid-afternoon boost. Add a little honey for a real treat!