LEAN Cup - Dark Roast Coffee + WEIGHT WELLNESS

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Tasting Notes:
Pleasing aromas of cherry and blackberry. Smooth, lingering finish of milk chocolate and caramel.

Lose Weight. Never Flavor!


 The Blend:

Coffee Blenders® sources gourmet quality, 100% Arabica coffee. Hand-harvested from the mountains of Central and South America, we artfully blend our coffee in locally-roasted, small-batches ensuring consistency in each cup.

The Benefit:

Svetol® is all-natural, green bean coffee extract. Clinical studies show an average weight loss of 11 pounds in 60 days when consuming 400mg of Svetol®, daily*.

One Lean Cup™ a day, will help you slim down and keep up with your weight wellness goals.

Directions for Use:

First, open outer pouch:
1) Tear open brew pouch along dotted line
2) Place pouch on your cup
3) Pour 1-2oz of hot water (we recommend around 200 degrees Fahrenheit)
- Allow coffee to "bloom" for 20 seconds
- Add 4-6oz of additional Hot Water (based on your strength preferences)