Are you getting the best experience with your daily cup of coffee? Or maybe you’re just new to the coffee world and you’re ready to experiment with different techniques of brewing coffee. But first things first, what does it even mean to “brew” coffee? Brewed coffee means that the coffee grind is boiled or steeped in creating the beverage. There are various ways of doing this process, so here are some coffee tips and tricks to keep in mind before brewing your next cup of coffee.

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Quality Over Quantity

Before you start brewing coffee, make sure you are purchasing quality coffee. Especially when buying whole bean coffee.The key to great tasting coffee is high quality coffee beans and freshly grinding the coffee before brewing it.Coffee is not fond of oxygen, air, light, or moisture, so keep this in mind the next time you buy coffee in bulk, where you might keep reopening the bag for months in a row. If avoiding storing coffee beans or grind is not an option, make sure you are properly storing it in an airtight, cool, and dark place such as a ceramic jar with a tight seal lid.

Do not forget that water can play a huge role in how the coffee will turn out. It is best to use filtered water, rather than water that could possibly contain any chemicals or chlorine that may be in tap water.

Once coffee is served, it is best to be consumed after 15 minutes. Coffee can lose its flavor when natural oils break down and evaporate. We highly suggest pouring the coffee into an insulated mug or thermos that will preserve all the heat and the coffee’s amazing flavor.


Coffee Maker or No Coffee Maker

Preparing coffee in a basic coffee maker is probably the most common and easiest way of brewing coffee. It is perfect for someone with a busy morning who doesn’t have time to constantly check on the brewing process. The steps are as easy as adding water, adding the coffee grind, turning the switch on, and letting the automatic coffee drip work it’s magic. Of course, make sure you measure the water to the amount of coffee grind to your liking.

This process is quite easy, but requires someone with time to stand and watch the brewing process carefully. You first have to add water to bring it to a boil, then add the coffee grind and immediately kill the heat and cover. Once this is happening, you must wait until all grounds are settled at the bottom, taking up to 4 to 5 minutes. After this is done, take a ladle and your coffee is served!

 There are tons of ways and techniques to brew coffee and tons of different types of Coffee's to try, but it all depends on your time, patience, and set of equipment. At Coffee Blenders we not only offer whole bean coffee, but we also offer our pour over coffee which makes it easy for anyone at home, at work, or on-the-go, as long as you have access to hot water. No additional kitchen gadgets are needed. Visit our website for more details.


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