The Cascade of Nitro Cold Brew

The Cascade of Nitro Cold Brew

Posted by Coffee Blenders on Jun 27th 2016

Summer is here! If you’ve outgrown the frappuccino, there’s a strong possibility you’ve tried a cold brew or two or five. It’s a whole world of difference in taste with a change in steep and temperature. But that same taste and texture gets immediately shaken up when nitrogen is tapped along with it. The cascade of nitrogen bubbles is mesmerizing and a guarantee that this drink is a smooth and creamy brew. Coffee lovers all over are starting to swear by it and its popularity has been blowing up.

Coffee and beer has grown up alongside each other for quite some time and it was inevitable that coffee would also be delicious from a keg. Breweries have been coming out with stouts and coffee beers, now it's coffee's turn at the tap. Once the nitrogen is infused with the cold brew, all other pours are incomparable. Companies have been able to master every facet of the science behind nitro cold brew - providing kegs and taps that are able to dispense nitrogenated as well as still cold brew with a naturally rich and sweet touch. Each cup seems so delicate, coffee drinkers wouldn't dare to add cream or super and the best part is there's no need. Careful not to disrupt the foamy, cascading head - so forget the the lid and straw too! These cold brew companies have explored the nitro cold brew world and are opening up so many new doors for craft coffee. The magic of nitro has made it's way into cans your convenient consumption and have been a strong presence in coffee competitions, and coffee festivals. Stay on the look out as taps of them pop up at each coffee shop.

Summer calls for a clean and crisp taste after all. If you're trying to beat the heat and are tired off the usual suspects at the counter, ask your coffee house if they're serving up any nitro cold brew. Just another great way to enjoy your coffee!