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​Rise in Functional Coffee Beverages

Nov 8th 2017

Rise in functional beverages

Coffee and tea have long been our favorite beverages. Now, with an increase in consumer interest in healthier drink options, these old faithfuls are taking on a new lease of life. Functional beverages which incorporate additional substances are becoming increasingly popular and are offering a variety of health benefits.


What are functional beverages and what can they do?

Functional coffees and teas are an advanced version of our old favorites. They still contain the flavors that we love, but they also include additional ingredients which offer supplementary benefits. These added elements have a range of positive health effects, which are obtained in a convenient and highly enjoyable form.

Functional beverages can aid brain function, increase protein intake, detoxify, support weight loss, give extra energy, improve physical performance or have a calming effect. Coffee and tea manufacturers are busy identifying the most important wellness and health issues of consumers. They are using this information to craft blends to satisfy drinker’s concerns and to provide them the additional functions they are looking for.

Clinical studies prove that functional coffee can help you to lose weight

Shedding those extra pounds or maintaining a healthy weight is a big issue for many people and functional coffees really can help with this issue. Coffee Blenders®Lean Cup™ coffee contains a unique, completely natural, green coffee bean extract which has been proved in clinical trials to aid weight loss. The secret of the effectiveness of this thermogenic coffee is the addition of Svetol®. This is a standardized extract which contains 45-percent chlorogenic acid (CGA) and is manufactured to the highest standards in Europe. Studies reveal that Svetol burns up fat, as opposed to losing water or muscle to obtain weight loss. A pilot study also suggests that it aids in glucose regulation to reduce blood sugar levels by up to ten percent. Consuming 400mg of Svetol daily over two months can produce an average weight loss of 5.7-percent of body weight. It can also help you to achieve a body mass index reduction of ten percent. All that while simply enjoying a delicious cup of coffee with delightful blackberry and cherry aromas and a lush lingering finish of caramel and milk chocolate.

Can functional beverages really increase cognitive performance?

Yes, they certainly can, if they contain ingredients that have been proven to do so. Coffee Blenders®THINK Cup™ contains American Ginseng, a natural root which has been attributed many beneficial actions. Cereboost ™is a clinically processed standardized extract which maintains the integrity of the Ginseng’s active ingredients. Studies show that Cereboost can improve attention and focus, enhance both short and long-term memory, increase mental clarity, and increment executive functioning, by up to fifteen percent. Effects can be appreciated about one-hour are consuming a THINK Cup coffee. While coffee has always been attributed with sharpening the mind the unique formula of this functional coffee guarantees that your mental functioning will improve simply by savoring an exquisite cup of quality coffee with rich flavors of dark chocolate and toasted nuts.

Is it true that a cup of functional coffee can have a relaxing effect?

Yes, it’s true, if you choose Coffee Blenders® RELAX Cup™ you will experience a relaxing effect within one hour. The reason is, that this functional beverage contains L-TeaActive™. This is a standardized extract of L-Theanine clinically obtained from green tea leaves. This naturally occurring amino acid safely induces a state of relaxation, without causing drowsiness. It also reduces stress levels and creates a state of calmness and peace. It achieves this by stimulating alpha brain waves and by encouraging the production of the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine. You will find that you have more energy and experience an increase in mental acuity but in a controlled and calm manner. All in a delicious beverage which has a rich flavor enhanced by floral notes of Jasmine, with a touch of toasted bread and a sweet honey aftertaste. So, why not put your feet up and unwind.

If you are looking for a functional beverage that gives you a real physical boost, read on

The Coffee Blenders® ACTIVE Cup™ contains AlphaSize® and is ideal to enjoy before a workout in the gym or any kind of physical activity. Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline (A-GPC) is a product which has been demonstrated to sharpen agility, delay mental fatigue and optimize the output of muscular power. It activates muscle fibers and increases subsequent contraction of the muscles to really get the maximum benefit out of any exercise. It increases the speed of communication between body cells for increased muscular potential and agility. A-GPC is also an important brain nutrient promoting the formation of a vital neurotransmitter, as well as a master hormone which helps to increase vitality and maintain a youthful body composition. Sound too good to be true? Give it a try and see for yourself.

Choosing the ideal functional coffee for your needs

With so many different functional beverages now available on the market choosing which one is best can be confusing. However, there are several things which set Coffee Blenders functional coffees apart from the crowd.

  • 1.The extracts which they contain are produced in a professional manner and all have a trademark which backs up their formula. Each extract contains a precisely standardized amount of the active ingredient to ensure a constant and consistent effect.
  • 2.All extracts have been subjected to clinical trials and professional studies which clearly demonstrate the beneficial effects of their use. They also have been rigorously checked for unwanted side effects.
  • 3.Coffee Blender offers a unique and simple way to enjoy functional coffees in your own home, or wherever, and, whenever you want to. Choose from the Individual sachets or our unique pour-over pouches.
  • 4.Finally, we know that the flavor of your coffee is the most important factor. So, all of our coffees are 100-percent organic Arabica beans harvested in the finest coffee producing regions of South and Central America. These beans are loving roasted locally and in small batches to a dark rich color to produce an exquisite cup of gourmet coffee every time.