Recap CoffeeFest Dallas 2016

Recap CoffeeFest Dallas 2016

Posted by Coffee Blenders on Jun 14th 2016

The Coffee Blenders team is back in San Diego from having just attended CoffeeFest in Dallas, TX! We had a great time getting to know all the guests who ranged from roasters and coffee shop owners to importers and baristas. Not to mention all the exhibitors with such innovative coffee products – we got to taste unique flavors of tea, new cold brews, and other functional coffees. It was an amazing experience to have such wonderful conversations all day with others who also had a strong passion for coffee. Much of the excitement can probably be attributed to the amount of caffeine given to us!


Our team got a chance to show off our pour-over Drip Cup, Matcha, and lineup of functional coffee - LeanActiveRelax, and Think. With lots of people asking us “Why are you THE Coffee BLENDERS?” we were able to let explain that we blend effective amounts of nutraceuticals into our Arabica, dark roast. This gives them great functions like aiding weight loss, powering workouts, relieving anxiety, and improving cognitive function. Matcha easily caught everyone’s eye, the tea has become the new frontier for the beverage industry as well as a buzzword for consumers everywhere. The single serve, pour-over Drip Cup was the main star of the show. Most people were amazed by the well thought-out design of our filter for its sturdiness, convenience, and simplicity. We’re so excited to start working with everyone on private labeling and co-packing their coffee into our pour-over drip filters.

Thank you Dallas CoffeeFest 2016 for showing our team an awesome weekend and giving us a chance to have a cup of coffee with new friends. We’ll see you next time coffee lovers!

If you didn’t get a chance to say howdy to us this CoffeeFest, you can still get more information on how to co-pack and private label the pour-over filters with us. Just be sure to contact the Coffee Blenders Team at and we can help you out.