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Private Label Coffee: Making a Name for Itself

Dec 3rd 2018

Single-serve pour over

Meanwhile, in Southern California, NuZee, Inc., is marketing a single-serve pour over drip cup already popular in Asia. The pour overs filled with 100% arabica grounds are sold under NuZee’s Coffee Blenders and Twin Peaks brands as well as to private label customers.

NuZee already has found success in Japan and South Korea with wholly owned subsidiaries there, says Travis Gorney, co-founder, president and c.o.o. They brought that technology to Vista, Calif., and provide services from sourcing and roasting to the final package. The company announced in October that it secured $1.4 million in new equity financing to continue its growth.

“We do everything from sourcing the coffee to white labeling and co-packing,” Gorney says, explaining that a new, larger production facility is planned in Texas. That expansion will allow NuZee to exceed the current 60-million cup annual capacity in Vista. “The consumer can expect to see this product nationwide at national retailers late in 2019 to the beginning of 2020.”

The company markets the drip cup as a “craft, quality pour over with anywhere convenience.” NuZee is positioned to deliver its products to its more than 20 private label brands for consumers who seek convenience in the kitchen, at an office desk or around a campfire in the wilderness.

“We could see a void that needed to be filled,” Gorney says. “We’re providing very convenient coffee but reducing the [environmental] footprint down to almost nothing. It’s going to take more than us to pioneer a new delivery method in a country the size of America but this [pourover method] is going to displace what’s going on in single serve. We believe it’s going to be the next revolution in single-serve coffee in America.”

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