Pour Over Drip Pouch Coffee Co-Packing Opportunity

Pour Over Drip Pouch Coffee Co-Packing Opportunity

Posted by Travis Gorney on Sep 22nd 2015

Coffee Blenders® is excited to announce the opening of our manufacturing facility in San Diego, California. While there are many single serve coffee products on the market, the Coffee Blenders® Drip Cup line has several unique benefits. Our Drip Cupbrewing method offers the convenience of a single-cup pour-over that boasts gourmet quality that you can take anywhere you go. Perfect for travel, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone on the go who appreciates a gourmet cup of coffee personalized just for your preferences.


1. No new hardware for the consumer to purchase. All they need is hot water and a cup, and you can make your delicious coffee anywhere!

2. By flushing our pouches with nitrogen, we’re able to maintain an extremely high level of quality, extending your shelf life to 12-18 months.

3. We process our customer’s orders within 24 hours of product receipt to further maintain freshness.

4. With an on-site commercial grinder, we can even accept whole bean from our customers to further increase our level of quality control.


As for the purchase minimums, thanks to our lean operations, we can be flexible when it comes to order size. We can handle everything from our minimums up to multi-pallet orders. Take a look at our options below, and talk to one of our sales associates about pricing.

Option 1: Plain silver foil pouch, no labeling, bulk packed in a large cardboard box. (Minimum amount of coffee required, 150lbs).

Option 2: Full color print pouch, printed retail box with custom graphics packed 6 to a master case. (Minimum amount of coffee required, 250lbs).

If you are a coffee roaster and are interested in further details on co-packaging with Coffee Blenders®, please give us a call today!

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