Poring Over Pour-Over: Millennials Making Well-Brewed Coffee

Posted by Coffee Blenders on Aug 17th 2016

The art of craft coffee brewing has not only commandeered the corner coffee shop but also the kitchens of many urban dwelling millennials. The NPD Group has reported that this trend has been picked up by the post-Baby Boomer generation especially those in cities with influences from Third Wave coffee bars. It's easy to fine tune your coffee palate around world class roasters and highly acclaimed coffee shops.

Craft coffee brewing methods include vacuum brewers, french presses, and pour-over filters. These methods depend more on the at-home user or barista as opposed to the automation of a machine. Every variable is controlled by hand and can be changed by the person brewing - with enough good practice and coffee, the notes tasted in a coffee shop can easily be replicated at home. Millennials have been seen as the generation that seeks experience in everything they do and coffee is no exception. So when presented with a way to gain a useful skill and participate in their creating their own cold brew or macchiato, it's an obvious yes.

Coffee consumption has also been shown the increase in the United States as well as globally. Our Millennial generation has a heavy hand in that and we're eagerly waiting to see how Generation Z will move the market and culture of coffee.