Matcha Green Tea Growth Statistics And Consumer Trends

Posted by Coffee Blenders on Oct 13th 2016

With the collective growth of both the Matcha and green tea categories in the US and the continued growth of single serve as the preferred method of delivery in the US, NuZee fits nicely into both rapidly expanding. Single serve cups have grown exponentially year over year in the US and the most recent numbers released by the NCA (National Coffee Association) show that one in three households own a single serve brewer with many non-owners say they plan on purchasing one in the next few months. Not only is this a trend at home but also a staple in the workplace, 33% of offices provide single serve brewers for their employees. Matcha has enjoyed explosive growth here in America largely due to the US consumer becoming more and more educated as to what they are putting into their bodies. The healthy living movement went from a trend to a inherent lifestyle for millions of people who are looking to eat better, drink better, and exercise more. Recently Brian Keating of the Sage group said that “In 20 years of analyzing the tea industry it is clear that Matcha is not a passing fad, but a major trend with long term viability. US retail sales of Matcha green tea powder rocketed 54.9% in 2014. Sales of Matcha products in the US is estimated to continue to grow 25% annually between 2015 and 2018. Dozens of nationally recognized brands in the US have started using Matcha in everything from baked cookies and pies to frozen ice cream to iced smoothies and latte’s. McDonald’s, Coffee Bean, Starbucks, & Jamba Juice all now sell some form of Matcha product.

Matcha green tea truly is the new tea frenzy in the US and from all indications will continue to create a buzz with everyone from tea connoisseurs to average American consumers. If you look on popular US social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook there are plenty of pages dedicated to the topic and culture of Matcha. Matcha bars are also popping up across the globe which will continue to fuel the awareness and growth of the segment. Mylkbar, Australia’s first matcha café ( and Matcha Bar NYC ( are great examples as to growth rate of the Japanese ceremonial tea in the United States.

NuZee couldn't help but fall in love with the powder green tea either. Our matcha curiosity soon turned to matcha madness after just brewing a few cups of tea. As pioneers in providing convenient, high quality brews, the idea of a single serve matcha cup came naturally. After much work and fun tastings, NuZee is now able to present to tea lovers an easy way to brew delicious matcha from home or at work with a single serve brewer. Everyone seems to be wanting more matcha and more matcha now!78