​Green Coffee Bean Extract AKA Svetol: From Dr. Oz To Your Cup o’ Joe

Posted by Erin Virgil on Feb 17th 2016

You may have heard mention of green coffee bean extract. Back in 2012 it was mentioned by Dr. Oz, and has since exploded into nutrition forums, health food stores, and medicine cabinets. However, Svetol® has been on the market since 2002 as a dietary supplement, and gained attention in the food industry following the HIE (Health Ingredients Europe) Expedition in 2006. It has since been widely accepted as a weight loss, glucose maintaining, and blood pressure-reducing new health drink.

So, What Is It?  

Green coffee beans sound like a new kind of bean that we’ve never heard of. I drink a lot of coffee, and before I started seeing it in my local supplement stores I had never heard of this new, green coffee bean.

I was surprised to learn that the green coffee bean is simply a coffee bean that is raw; it hasn’t been roasted. The roasting process reduces the chlorogenic acid found in the bean, and it so happens that chlorogenic acid has health benefits that we’ve been missing out on!

Isn’t Regular Coffee Healthy?

It’s true, a regular cup of coffee has health benefits. But it’s the chlorogenic acid that makes the difference. According to WebMD green coffee bean extract has been used to reduce blood pressure after 28 days of treatment, and promote healthy weight loss over a period of regular use. Svetol® also promotes slimming, toning, and healthy living.

Don’t Say Good-bye to Regular Coffee!

Some people still enjoy their regular morning mug of coffee. They may sip it as usual, then take a green coffee bean supplement they found at a local store. These supplements can be costly, and, if you’re like me, you may not remember to take it everyday!

I have a condition that requires a pill-per-day. I know from personal experience that I am not great at remembering them, and am often rushing into the house at lunchtime to take the morning’s dose.

I know my limitations, and I know I’m not good at pills.

I am good at coffee.

Coffee Blenders Save the Day

I don’t have to rely on a supplement for green coffee bean extract, and neither do you!

If you’re like me, and might forget a pill, but will never forget your morning cup of coffee, then you’re in luck. Coffee Blenders has put the benefits back into the coffee so we can enjoy both in one steaming cup.

Coffee Blenders Lean Pour Over is the same 100% Arabica coffee you may already enjoy in your kitchen, but will help you slim down in the process.

Coffee Blenders is the perfect matchmaker, combining the taste we love with the benefits we so deserve.


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