Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew Coffee

Posted by Kristina Kennedy-Aguero on Nov 3rd 2017

Coffee. Where would we be without it? For millions of people around the world, our days would just not be the same without this delicious beverage accompanying us. Recently, we have all become much more knowledgeable and interested in our favorite brew, and new and exciting bean flavors and blends, and improved production, brewing, and serving methods have all evolved to make drinking coffee a delicious art form.

Now, a new twist in the coffee market is changing the way we enjoy our java once again. The latest trend is cold brew coffee, and it is taking the coffee industry by storm. So, if you have not tried this exciting new coffee option, get your skates on and find out why everyone has cold brew coffee on their lips

Now, a new twist in the coffee market is changing the way we enjoy our java once again. The latest trend is cold brew coffee, and it is taking the coffee industry by storm. So, if you have not tried this exciting new coffee option, get your skates on and find out why everyone has cold brew coffee on their lips. 

What is cold brew coffee?

Basically, it’s exactly what the name implies. Coffee that is brewed (or steeped) in cold, or room temperature water. Coarse ground beans are put into filtered water and left to sit, for between 6 and 20-hours, usually for around 12-hours, to produce a concentrate that is then strained and served with ice. Without the use of heat, a lot more time is required to extract the flavors from the coffee and the resultant brew is stronger and can be diluted with hot or cold water.

Cold brew coffee has actually been around in independent artisanal coffee shops for a few years, and now its popularity is growing fast. In 2015 cold brew coffee netted. $7.9-million in retail sales, and from 2011 to 2016 retail sales increased a massive 580-percent. By 2018 it’s expected to have grown another 149-percent, and while figures estimate that four out of every five consumers have heard of cold brew coffee, one in three still haven’t tried it.

What are the differences?

The flavor of cold brew coffee is rounder, with a smoother mouthfeel, a naturally sweeter flavor and without those bitter overtones and the acidity that hot brewed coffee can have. Cold brew coffee allows the full mellow flavors to be enjoyed, and many people are finding that the addition of milk and sugar is unnecessary, letting them really appreciate the different subtle taste nuances, and varied floral notes found in different beans and blends. Having said that, the smooth flavor of cold brewed coffee goes great with milk to produce a truly delicious smooth and satisfying iced coffee, and it goes so well, that there is now a cold brew ice cream on the market.

The acidity, or “brightness” as professional coffee tasters call it, of cold brew coffee can be up to 65-percent less than the same bean made with a hot brewing technique, making it much gentler on the stomach and the digestive system. Less acid is also better for your teeth, and reducing the overall acidity of your body can promote better health.

The stability. Cold brew coffee maintains a constant taste, unlike hot brewed coffee which can change flavors at different temperatures. Because of this, cold brew coffees are particularly suitable for ready-to-drink products and for iced coffee. Cooling hot coffee to make iced coffee increases the development of acids producing a taste which can be unpleasantly harsh. Cold brew coffee can be kept in a sealed container in the refrigerator for up to two weeks without suffering any deterioration in the flavor.

Why the differences?

Coffee contains acids, oils and chemical compounds which are known collectively as “solubles” and are what give coffee its distinctive flavor. These dissolve best from 195-205-degrees Fahrenheit, and during a normal brewing process, the volatile oils of the coffee are released with the hot water giving the brew the delicious aroma that we all love. Unfortunately, in this same process, the chemical compounds begin to oxidize and degrade producing those bitter high notes. Cold water brewing changes the chemical profile of the coffee, and while oxidation still occurs in cold brew coffee it is much less and much slower. This means that while cold brew coffee has a duller aroma it has a more concentrated and more pleasing taste.

Is cold brew going to change our coffee drinking habits?

It already is!

Iced coffee has traditionally been a summer-time drink, but now cold brew coffee is making an iced coffee that is so delicious people are drinking it year-round.

Cold brew coffee is really taking off in the ready to drink coffee market. Available in cartons, cans, and bottles it is the ideal beverage for all us busy people who have to drink our coffee on the go. Ready to drink options include a great variety of flavor, and with dairy and non-dairy milk additives.

Over 40-percent of consumers in the US like the idea of adding healthy and functional ingredients to enhance their coffees and teas, and cold brew coffee is ideal for use in great tasting functional coffees.

Nitrogen infused cold brew coffee is now available in cans or on draught. This rich, strong, dark coffee has unimaginable creaminess and a frothy head. In fact, its appearance and texture is a lot like a glass of Guinness.

What started out in southern specialist coffee shops has now spread to mainstream America as cold brew is a coffee preparation which appeals to both the mass-market and to connoisseurs. Although one in five people have still never heard of it, increasing customer awareness and new twists are sure to tempt more consumers onto the cold brew wagon.

If you are reading this blog, you are probably among the 37-percent of consumers who enjoy trying out new and different coffee preparations, but for cold brew coffee to pass from a trend or a one-time trial to a preferred drink in needs to be incorporated into your daily routine. With our unique cold brew system, you can enjoy all the benefits, with the ease, convenience and reduced costs of producing a quality cold brew coffee in your own home with specially selected blends roasted to the perfect point, and presented in an easy to use and functional way.

Go on, try one today.