Coffee Mythology: Coffee Beliefs & Misconceptions

Coffee Mythology: Coffee Beliefs & Misconceptions

Posted by Coffee Blenders on Jul 25th 2016

There are a few coffee facts out there, spread through word of mouth, that have been used to either scare or mislead coffee drinkers. We gathered a few common misconceptions that you should watch out for:

Use coffee to sober up

This is the most dangerous of all myths! The drowsy effects of alcohol and stimulating effects of coffee act independently from each other. Just because you feel more awake, that does not mean you’re less drunk. Your BAC is the same as it was a minute ago – don’t be fooled into believing you are alert enough to drive. Be safe – sleep it off or find a ride. Live to enjoy another great cup of coffee.

Coffee stunts your growth

Studies have found zero to no evidence to support this statement – tall people drink coffee, short people drink coffee. I remember my mom telling me this as a child and it did a good job of scaring me away from coffee until adulthood. Today, I am still short but sad that I missed out on a few good years of coffee. Short people stop blaming the coffee – embrace your height and don't miss out.

Coffee dehydrates you

This is not untrue for caffeine does have dehydrating effects but the amount of water that’s in the same cup of coffee definitely makes up for it. Take a look at how much water you're using to brew your pot, depending on your brew method you're consuming at least half of that amount.

Coffee is highly addictive

If you're a creature of habit, it's that routine of pouring yourself a cup of coffee that maybe hard to give up. Especially if you add sugar to your cup, your body will undoubtedly crave it. Coffee itself has not shown any addictive effects on the body. On days that you don't follow your usual work or school routine, you might notice that your cravings aren't as high. So if you're trying to kick the cup, you'll realistically only spend a few morning being less alert.

Dark Roast coffee has more caffeine than Light Roast

This is some visual logic/trickery. Dark roasted beans are actually less dense than light roasted beans and on a scoop by scoop comparison the light roast scoop will have more caffeine.

A cup in the afternoon will keep you up all night

There’s no doubt that caffeine is a stimulant but a cup in the early afternoon is out of your system by the time you go to sleep. A good portion of that cup should be out of your system within 4-7 hours leading to a good night’s sleep otherwise. Although, poor sleepers do experience more difficulty metabolizing caffeine in general that can probably be attributed to the lack of sleep. If you still want to have a cup of coffee without the jitters, most people will resort to decaf or coffee with relaxing effects.

Use boiling water to brew your coffee

Boiling water is 100° C (212° F) and at that temperature, water will start over extracting the flavors and oils in your coffee that you probably don’t want. A good rule to go by is to boil your kettle of water – take it off the heat for at least 30-45 seconds for it to reach a good temperature then pour over your coffee grounds.

Coffee is nothing to be scared about, don't psych yourself out!