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RE: NuZee Establishes Korea Subsidiary To Strengthen Presence In Asia-Pacific

Posted by Emily Jed on

VISTA, CA -- NuZee Inc. said it has established a new, wholly owned subsidiary called NuZee Korea Ltd. that will manage sales, marketing and associated activities for its Coffee Blenders line of "Drip Cup" functional coffees throughout Asia.

NuZee Korea has commenced construction of a new 3,600-sq.ft. manufacturing facility in Paju City, Korea. The facility will manufacture NuZee's line of single-serve, pour-over functional "Drip Cup" coffee. It will also provide the infrastructure necessary to allow NuZee Korea to engage in co-packing activities for Asia coffee brands. The company expects construction of the facility to be completed in June.

The company has been selling Coffee Blenders products in South Korea since 2015. "NuZee Korea will be our first manufacturing facility outside of the United States, and joins our Japan subsidiary, which we established in December 2013," said NuZee chief executive Masa Higashida. "Together, these operations will allow us to better serve existing customers in China, Japan and Korea, while providing the necessary resources to pursue new clients throughout Asia."

Higashida noted that the Drip Cup is a common and popular brewing method in Asia. The market in Japan alone is estimated to be approximately 2.3 billion cups per year....

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RE: Spring beverage trends going back to the basics

In many places around the world, the snow is thawing and the sun has emerged, which means spring menus are upon us. And embracing the trendiest flavors via beverages is one easy way for restaurants to boost check spend. Those trends, according to Suzy Badaracco, president of Culinary Tides, are a return to historical, more [...]

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​Rise in functional beverages

Rise in functional beveragesCoffee and tea have long been our favorite beverages. Now, with an increase in consumer interest in healthier drink options, these old faithfuls are taking on a new lease of life. Functional beverages which incorporate additional substances are becoming increasingly popular and are offering a variety of health benefits.  What are functional [...]

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Cold Brew Coffee

Coffee. Where would we be without it? For millions of people around the world, our days would just not be the same without this delicious beverage accompanying us. Recently, we have all become much more knowledgeable and interested in our favorite brew, and new and exciting bean flavors and blends, and improved production, brewing, and serving methods have all evolved [...]

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Weight Loss Coffee

Weight loss is such a popular topic but often times, these certain questions come to mind. Does it work? Is it good for you? Is it safe? What is in it? Many people have tend to have some concerns when it comes to weight loss coffee because what is in it that can make you actually see [...]

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The Booming Trend of Matcha Green Tea and it’s Benefits

What is Matcha?Matcha has been a key buzzword in the past couple of years. As we browse different social media platforms, we start to notice more and more matcha tea cafes opening especially throughout Southern California and New York. The trend keeps growing but do we even know why? Besides the “cute” and “hip” aesthetic of this green drink, there [...]

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5 Best Ways to Boost Employee Morale Around the Office

Whether it’s a Monday or Friday in a busy quarter or a slow one, a slump in employee morale can hit your office hard. Great news! There are a few simple and effective things you can do on your own or with a few co-workers. From CEO to intern, regardless of your position these are our suggestions to boost [...]

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Company Release – 11/23/16NuZee, Inc. (OTC: NUZE) (“NuZee” or “Coffee Blenders ®”) is pleased to announce today the launch of its revolutionary line of functional and organic coffee lines nationwide with United Natural Foods, Inc (UNFI). Coffee Blenders will be featured in UNFI’s “New and Now” publication and the “New Products” section of the monthly special alongside their vast [...]

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Matcha Green Tea Growth Statistics And Consumer Trends

With the collective growth of both the Matcha and green tea categories in the US and the continued growth of single serve as the preferred method of delivery in the US, NuZee fits nicely into both rapidly expanding. Single serve cups have grown exponentially year over year in the US and the most recent numbers [...]

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Poring Over Pour-Over: Millennials Making Well-Brewed Coffee

The art of craft coffee brewing has not only commandeered the corner coffee shop but also the kitchens of many urban dwelling millennials. The NPD Group has reported that this trend has been picked up by the post-Baby Boomer generation especially those in cities with influences from Third Wave coffee bars. It's easy to fine tune [...]

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