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Barista Trio Variety Case | 12 x 5 Count Boxes

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Barista single serve pour coffee pouches. Enjoy delicious specialty grade coffee from 3 of the best and most unique coffee growing regions on earth (Ethiopia, Rwanda, and Guatemala). You get 60 servings (four boxes with 5 servings of each) of each  premium single origin roast

WHAT’S IN THE BOX: You will get 12 total boxes with each Barista Trio box containing five (5) single serve pour over coffee pouches. Each drip coffee pouch contains 14 grams of artfully roasted ground coffee, which can easily slip into your pocket or backpack and are great for hiking, camping and backpacking:

  • 4 Organic Ethiopian 5-count Boxes
  • 4 Organic Guatemalan 5-count Boxes
  • 4 Rwandan 5-count Boxes

CONVENIENT COFFEE, JUST ADD WATER: Coffee Blenders single serve pour over packets are the perfect way to enjoy gourmet coffee on the go. All you need is your coffee mug and hot water to brew the perfect cup of coffee in under 2 minutes.  Coffee Blenders Barista Collection coffees come in convenient, pre-packed disposable single serve pour over pouches making it great for home, office, camping, or travel!

SINGLE ORIGIN SPECIALTY COFFEE: All of our beans are responsibly and sustainably sourced from family-owned farms. When you purchase Fair Trade coffee, you are ensuring that the farmers that grow this coffee receive a fair price no matter how volatile the coffee market is at the time of purchase. This ensures a satisfied farmer who can focus on the quality of the coffee over the quantity harvested. 

FRESH AS THE DAY IT WAS ROASTED: Each coffee drip cup packet is double nitrogen flushed during the packaging process. This process locks in the freshness for up to 12 months by removing oxygen from the coffee packet so you enjoy a fresh cup of coffee every time. Beans are roasted fresh right before we package to ensure a great cup of coffee!

ECO-FRIENDLY & PORTABLE: Our pour over style coffees are a more environmentally friendly single serve coffee option, including recyclable foil packets and boxes.