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Arabica vs Robusta Coffee: What Are The Differences?

Occasionally, I pick up a bag of coffee that is labelled 100% Arabica. You’ve probably done the same too, no doubt. “100% Arabica” on the label makes the coffee seem even more amazing than it is; after all, this is 100% Arabica. Not a mere 75% or 50%. 100%!! But what does Arabica actually mean? Moreover, what does it mean when my coffee [...]

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A Look Back On Coffee Fest In Portland, OR.

Coffee Blenders took a trip up toPortland Oregon for CoffeeFest to meet with some of the worlds finest roasters, and coffee fanatics and we couldn't be happier on how everything turned out! Here at Coffee Blenders our goal is to bring you, the consumer, high quality and gourmet coffee. Our main product we presented at [...]

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The Drip Cup - Craft Experience. Anywhere Convenience.

The Gourmet Pour Over.  For the everyday coffee drinker and coffee enthusiast, for the small apartment renter, for the avid adventure seeker.  A gourmet pour over made just for YOU. Coffee Blenders® is the pioneer in functional coffee. We source gourmet quality 100% Arabica coffee from Central and South America. Currently, Coffee Blenders offers [...]

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Pour Over Drip Pouch Coffee Co-Packing Opportunity

Coffee Blenders® is excited to announce the opening of our manufacturing facility in San Diego, California. While there are many single serve coffee products on the market, the Coffee Blenders® Drip Cup line has several unique benefits. Our Drip Cupbrewing method offers the convenience of a single-cup pour-over that boasts gourmet quality that [...]

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Weight Loss Coffee | Coffee Blenders

If you have been asking yourself how to lose 5 to 10 pounds and are watching your weight, our new Coffee Blenders Lean Cup™ may be a great way to help slim down and shed that unwanted extra weight. Our dark roast Arabica coffee from Central and South America blended with 400mg of green coffee [...]

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