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5 Best Ways to Boost Employee Morale Around the Office

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Whether it’s a Monday or Friday in a busy quarter or a slow one, a slump in employee morale can hit your office hard. Great news! There are a few simple and effective things you can do on your own or with a few co-workers. From CEO to intern, regardless of your position these are our suggestions to boost the mood in your office and make productivity fun!

Break Out the Breakfast and Coffee

There’s a good chance a few people missed breakfast this morning. Keeping the kitchen or break room stocked with basic breakfast items like oatmeal, yogurt, fruits, or some bread to make a quick bite ensures everyone starts the day off right. A healthy assortment of dairy, grains, and fruits will kick start your metabolism and wake your brain up to concentrate. If I haven’t had anything by lunchtime, I can get pretty hangry without even realizing it.

We also make it a point to keep our entire office well hydrated and strongly caffeinated. Looking around the office it’s easy to spot everyone’s reusable water bottle and their mug filled with coffee or tea. We’ve found that the most cost-effective and eco-friendly way to have a constant supply of coffee, tea, and water was to sign up for an office delivery service. Never run out of essentials that give your office a natural energy boost. Have them delivered right to your break room! Nothing is worse than bad office coffee – find services that provide premium coffee. In the office, multitasking is key so having coffees that have an added function will maximize your time. Look for all-natural nutraceuticals such as green coffee bean extract for weight wellness or Alpha-GPC for that workout boost right after work. Companies like Coffee Blenders offer the Lean and Active Cup along with Relax Cup, a stress reducer with l-theanine, and Think Cup, a cognitive performance enhancer with American ginseng. A cup for every part of an office day.

Company Volunteer Project

Get together a group to volunteer for the community can make an impressionable impact. If a handful of employees from your company spent 5-6 hours a month helping the less fortunate, within a year your company has contributed at least 400 hours together. Seeing your team successfully contribute to society will not only put a smile on people in your company but also the people in your community.

It’s easy to contact your local agencies or non-profits to do some good; our last project took the Coffee Blenders team to the San Diego food bank for the day.

Take a Walking Break Around the Block and Stretch Out Those Office Legs

Sitting for hours behind a desk puts so much strain on your body, by the end of the day you’ll notice that your shoulders have crept up to your ears and your legs struggling to find a position that’s comfortable. Incorporating breaks for physical activity will improve productivity and focus – these breaks might also allow you come back to a problem with fresh eyes.

Make it a part of your daily routine to stretch out every hour or so, takea walk around the building, and don’t eat lunch at your desk! Pick a time of hour like a quarter after or half past, just make sure you spend at least 5 mins of that time stretching. There are always yoga poses that can be adapted to fit your workday. Step away from your desk to have lunch. A lot of people have lunch at their desk to catch up on work or just to sit at their desk. Find a place outside to eat! You will have hours and hours to spend at your desk, I promise it’s not going anywhere.

For one of your stretching breaks, substitute for a walking break. If you’re feeling friendly, invite a co-worker to come with you to encourage these daily routines.

Encouragement Through Visual Progress and Unity

Numbers and words don’t do well in reminding people of the big picture. Having a map of the territory you are trying to cover or a simple chart in the office that shows progress over time will make results much more tangible.

Having merchandise or freebies with your logo on it is another way to show company spirit. Hoodies, golf balls, or something as simple as branded stationary are fun ways to market and take pride in the company.

Celebrate Victories or Milestones as a Company

For every victory, there are winners and winners have a right to celebrate. Why not do it together? Big sale, great progress, or made it through another year? Everyone in your office has contributed in one way or another and a great way to remind your officemates of their importance is to enjoy the spoils together! A short lunch or dinner will go a long way.


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